Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Got/Get/Getting my LEARNIN on

Some terms you finish up and realize after the post-final euphoria wains that you did not really learn anything during all those studious hours spent trying to keep your GPA from nose diving. I can't accept that student loans/grants paying my tuition could be so pointlessly wasted. Here are some things i know i have learned while up on campus that i can count some credit hours towards.

-Your best dating service are the seats behind, in-front and to your immediate sides. That is right, sit next to her or him. A few quick quips here and there, a direct stare with a quick goodbye, then you see them at some weekend social event and BAM the moment both of you have waited for during those 50min (1h 15 Tue/Thurs) during the week presents itself. Time to bridge the gap, "so what are doing Tuesday night" too forward??? OK, "you going to B-ball game?"

-I can sleep where ever i want too when ever i want too. In any position i want too additionally. Lecture halls with my legs over the row in-front of me. Tiny little desks with my chin resting on my collarbone. Some people sleep on all those couches and what not but honestly that grosses me out a bit. Couldn't explain why just does. But the point is Power naps are the best thing ever, you try to tell me that once i wipe the drool out the corner of my mouth that i am not 10x more productive than 15 min before.

-$$$ don't mean a thang. I pay over $200 in textbooks and i read maybe $25 willingly, it is not only until i botch the first quiz that i may take the plastic wrapping off. You think our liquified (and dried up) savings would give us more motivation.

-If i don't want to do it, it will suck. If i do want to do it, then i'll do it until i don't want to anymore. Then i'll review it and impress by how much i think it didn't suck. But i still don't want to do it anymore.

-The Professor will mess up, some will admit and be admired but be subject to forced compromises by desperate students. Others will not admit and lose much respect because, hey we are in college and we can spot a FAIL miles (or multiple youtube suggestions) away.

-The craziest times happened to me in the library...(open for interpretation)

Friday, October 21, 2011


Different ways to wake up and some ways i'd like to wake up:
-well rested
-way too early
-way too late
-late for a test/work
-from a power nap with work to do
-from a way too long nap and now you can't move
-in middle of the night, worrying
-right when the sun is coming up and the birds chirping
-when the neighbors/roommates are leaving the driveway/house
-on someone else's couch and they are giving you a dead arm
-when the dvd menu just keeps repeating itself
-after everyone else has left the room and you don't know where they went
-on the trampoline
-as your head falls off your hand in class
-on the pebbles in the garden
-driving on the wrong side of the road
-holding your baby niece
-blindly searching for your alarm clock
-with someone tapping on your car window
-being the big spoon, her hair all in your face
-on your knees
-with the same song on repeat
-hand against face now that side of your face is all sweaty
-book/laptop on your chest
-walking to the fridge to drink something cold to calm down
-after hearing a weird sound outside
-phone on your collarbone so you don't miss the alarm or call your expecting
-in the same clothes you wore last night
-christmas morning
-not horny
-with the 6 hour old text reply he sent you after you fell asleep
-shivering with the no blanket
-someone using you and the bed as a landing pad, unexpectantly
-with an emergency phone call
-hours before she is bound to even think about getting up
-mom cooking breakfast jamming "More than a Feeling"
-sore with bruises
-3am and you're sick
-pulling into the driveway after a long trip
-as fast as you can to beat roommates to the shower
-on the opposite end of the bed
-freaking out because you do not know how you got here
-bad dreams
-hearing her curse the kids outside with that sexy whiny morning voice
-after a really big blow to your cranium
-with dad dying and mom is screaming downstairs
-waking up after every single time you go to sleep

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

128 square feet to Freedom

I have not lived a long time on this planet. So the feelings to have lost something that you once possessed are relatively new for me. I am not talking about losing my teeth, or even my fear of camping in dark forests.

As you grow up you learn lessons. You gain attributes and skills. You get stronger and more independent. You find your own direction and method to get things done. You are adding and adding and maturing.

So this new feeling of noticing that something you depended on has slipped away, is not one i like at all.

To be Free.
The idea of freedom for me, is something so different than the word really relates. When i am free it is because i made the right decision and i will not suffer any pain from a wrong decision. Without that pain to slow me down i am free to do what ever i want for who ever i want. (a humble man would replace the "want's" with "can")

I do not have the same fire and passion for that freedom anymore. I've let so many little things wash it away recently.

It is time to fix that.

Among other more personal parts of my plan, i have a empty wall next to my bed. 16x8 feet. In the bottom right corner, near where my head rests while i sleep there are seven cards. On each of these cards i have written something that my former freedom brought me, the things i miss the most. I plan on tacking up at least one card a day. I would like to cover the 128square feet with reasons to make my freedom, mine.

Now i must decide wither to go scotch tape or thumbtacks.

Monday, October 10, 2011

'91 is 19 backwards

I won't lie i was looking at pictures of a former high school flame. One of the few girls in my memory that actually got more attractive as opposed to more drunk, pregnant, addicted, boring or dead in the six years since we all parted. I am not getting all "just friends ryan reynolds" here wishing it would have played out differently; no need i survived high school and the six years afterwards i shouldn't ask for more. But i looked at some of her pics and was slightly enamored to the point of thinking, "hmmmm how could i swing seeing her again come christmas break?"

The First thoughts that came to me where quite the shockers...

Its been a while since you have ever gone/made/went -out with a girl your age. BOOM

How did i get to the point that i'd have to look into the dating historical annals to figure out the who was the last girl i dated that was within two years of my age? BOOM

Mitch to the best of your knowledge it was WELL OVER 2 YEARS AGO. BAM

Do you even remember what it was like to date someone who wouldn't get carded at a bar? BOOM

so i began to think...

Mitch did it really make that much of a difference when you did date someone who was born before grunge died? In those cases no Mitch they didn't.

Would it make much of a difference in any case? It has the potential to make all the difference, common interests, and some of them must of grown up a bit just like i have, right.

When i reached the conclusion that maybe more mature women may be necessary to my romantic interludes. I immediately posed myself the magic bullet question. Which magically blew my heart out the wrong side of my spine.

So Mitch, where are all the women closer to your age that you could be attracted too?

Oh yeah, all the older mature boys snatched them up when they were 19.

Vexat-, Tribulat-, Redempt-, -ion

I really like the films like, Cinderella Man, Invincible and The Sting. Cinderella Man and Invincible are at their most basic level inspirational sports movies and well Robert Redford ran a lot from mobsters and crooked cops in The Sting. But the sports have really nothing to do it, maybe a little but not too much.

What are the experts calling it now, "growth recession" or even the "BBQ Recovery"?
Low and slow just like the coal grill on the back patio. Stats might (with the right tweaking) be growing but not faster than that nasty inflation. You know that thing that makes the same product more expensive as it just sits there.

We patted ourselves on the back this September, we stayed at 9.1% unemployment. You know i lowered my expectations once to make things look better. She wasn't disgusting but the only thing she had going for her was that she qualified with my hetero-sexual ways, she was a girl.

GOP hopeful's remind me when the first kid got a trampoline on the street. How many kids could we fit on the biggest toy on the block, trying to steal the bounce from each other? Reversely Obams (cute huh?) feels like that QB who couldn't get that 3rd and long conversion all night, his punter must be getting tired.

I rant (Wall Street should choke and die) and I rant (banks are dens of thieves) and I will now get mooshy.

I like those movies because, they are people surrounded by their families whom are surrounded by really dismal economic situations. The world sucked at the start of the film and it sucked at the end. But the characters and their families experienced redemption. Albeit (finally got to use that word) after much cinematic tribulation.

I would wish that the director is getting close to that scene, for us (vague on purpose).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Talkin shop with Pops

I was waiting outside on my older sister’s driveway in Lehi. My cousin was late, we were taking her car back up to Logan for the Homecoming game which I had to work at that night with the rest of the Media Relation minions. I had said goodbye to my family earlier on, because they were still at this crazy mud race in the canyon. I was kind of down that I spent less than 12 hours with them, but I had work to do and that is a priority for me and parents alike. God granted me boon, when my family pulled into the driveway before my cousin.

I was able to hug and kiss my little sisters goodbye and give mom one more hug. But Dad just went and grabbed some gross power bars and sat with me. We talked college football, the best sporting league in the world. I was super anxious to leave so I wouldn’t be late so I doubt I was super conversational. Dad offered to drive me up if I needed to leave right now. My cousin showed up I hugged Dad and jumped in the car. Up in the press box we texted throughout the game. Scores and big plays were passed son to father. This afternoon we talked about the game I told him all that I saw and we talked about how next week’s game needed to play out.

This isn’t a “Disney movie” plug for how great this sport is. My Dad and I will always talk on or off season. But it is great to talk shop with my Father.

Dream like its 2013

So I was talking to my mom today while her and father and the remaining siblings traveled home after a fam-reunion. She was talking about certain ideas that were thrown around by the various family members for the next fam-reunion that should take place in 2013. She talked about urban scavenger hunt that takes place city wide in west coast towns like San Diego or San Francisco. Our family loves little cutsie things like that, I don’t really care either way. I attend these things to play with all the little ones, avoid questions about my future and eat allllll the free well prepared food.
But then I said, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it.
“You know mom, my wife and I will be working at least two low-level, low pay jobs each. Plane tickets from Philedephia, Boston or Austin might be out of our price range.”
Mom was quick and played along.
“Yeah but by that time your father will have a job, and not just any job. He will be District Manager of some burgeoning medical sales company. 100k a year probably. We will fly you out, or help pay the rental car/gas costs so you can make that cross country trip you have always wanted to make.”
So it was settled my parents would finance the trip my beautiful wife and I will make out to the next reunion. Never mind, that I have eight more months till graduation and no real job leads. My car is less mobile than a terminal cancer patient. Completely small detail that I do not have a wife or any relationship and that the last one still makes me want to use up my yearly “f-bomb” quota in one fell swoop.
We can over look the negligible facts that it has been five years since my Dad has had a job that paid more than what he was making his first year out of college. That this isn’t the first time my family has been food stamp eligible. Little things like that.
I am not whining, Lord in heaven please do not think I am getting down with this. I just really appreciated the little scenario we created together my Mom and I. I have no idea why I loved it so much either. But in a “rough” time like this, can you blame us for enjoying it so much?